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Here are all the things I have been loving during the month of July!


The Body Shop 'All-in-One' BB Cream

I bought this BB cream aaages ago when it first came out, and every summer since then, I have come back to it over and over again. I love the very moistruizing and refreshing formula and the fact that it doesn't feel like a foundation at all. It has really high coverage for a BB cream and makes your skin look glowy, healthy and radiant. Exactly what you want on a hot summer day.
Like any BB cream I have come across, the product simply looks like a white moistruizer when you apply it onto your skin first, but once you buff it in and it melts into your skin, it 'reveals' its true colour that adjusts to your individual skintone.
I would definitely recomment this for dry to normal skin types, as it is VERY rich and moistruizing, although it can become quite shiny on oily parts of the skin after a while, especially on a hot day.
Apart from that, it lasts very well too compared to other products; although it doesn't seem to have any SPF in it, which I find really strange, especially for a BB cream.

Makeup Revolution London Ultra Blush Palette in 'All About Bronze'

When I bought this palette, I was really sceptical about it, as I had never bought anything from Revolution before. But OH MY GOD I am so in love with it! The colours are absolutly beautiful, perfect for contouring AND bronzing AND highlighting at the same time.
It benefits from extremely high pigmentation, it is blendable and the different shades match all kind of skintones. I especially love the highlight and the third colour in the top row (from left to right) creates a gorgeous golden glow on your skin that can be used as a highlight on darker skintones or as a blush on paler skin which will leave the most amazing golden sheen on your cheeks to create the perfect summer bronze-goddess look.
It also sells for such a cheap price, that you acually can't go wrong with this product anyway.

Smashbox 'Shape Matters' Palette's 'Glow' Highlighter

This whole palette has been my holy grail product since I bought it in October and I have been using it every single day, but I am especially in love with the highlighter in this. Especially on warmer days during this month, I couldn't get enough of it! It creates a champagne coloured glow on your cheekbones (or the whole of your face if you literally put highlighter everywhere, like me) and compared to most other highlighters, it makes you look glowy instead of sparkly. I fyou are like me and you hate pieces of glitter in your highlighter, you will absolutely love this one! I mean, you can never use enough highlighter but at the same time, you don't wanna run around looking like a disco ball.

MAC 'Subculture' Lipliner & Chanel Rouge Coco in '402 Adrienne'

This lip combination has been my #1 go-to everyday look. Obviously, I love a nude lip on every day of my life, but there is something about this combination that's different. It is the perfect 'my-lip-colour-but-better' colour, it stays on all day without feeling heavy or drying, and it is just the most gorgeous duo ever. The normal MAC lipliners can be quite drying to be honest (compared to the pro-longwear series) but in comibnation with the very nourishing formula of the Chanel lipstick, it creates the most perfect combination between a matte and a glossy lip. If I feel extra glowy, I'll dust a bit of the Smashbox highlighter onto the centre of my lips on top of this colour, which makes it even more perfect. A match made in heaven!

Body Care

Rexona Maximum Protection

I know, I know, you shouldn't use deodorant with Aluminium in it, but I just can't help buying this over and over again. Because this is the ONLY product I have ever come across that actually protects against smell and it prevents wetness so well, that I sometimes wonder if there might be some magic at work. The creamy formula works so much better for me than any spray or roll-on and it is also a lot more suitable for sensitive skin like mine, and because you only need the tiniest amount, the product lasts you for very long, too. Very good for those hot days that we've had in the UK during July. No touching up needed during the day either (omg??).
Anyone who has ever tried this cannot actually tell me that they have found anything without aluminium that works as well as this, seriously. However, I would like to find something as good as this that is better for my body, but until then I'd rather have no sweat-problems, thanks!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion

I saw this product being recommended by someone in the comments of some post about fake tans and the person who recommended it said that it was better than any St Tropez or anything else they had ever tried. So, I decided to give it a go and just try it, and because it was so inexpensive, I wasn't expecting anything amazing but wasn't too worried about the price either.
But luckily, I was really impressed by this! It doesn't smell as nice as the hand lotion from the Cocoa Butter range, but not as bad as most other fake tans. Because it is a gradual tanner, it doesn't show up immediately after you've put it on, which makes it quite hard to guess if you've put on the right amount at first use. But that is also the reason why you don't have to be anxious about waking up as an orange. (Just make sure you wash your hands well after applying, lol)
In fact, the colour apperas to be really natural and not patchy or unnatural at all. If you follow some bacis fake tanning tips like exfoliating before etc, you will be amazed by the final outcome of this!
It also moistruizes very well without irritating freshly shaved and exfoliated skin and the cocoa butter leaves your skin looking beautifully glowy.

TV Show

The Adventures of Merlin

I know you might think what the hell this is, but I promise you, this show is sooo good! I have been completely obesessed over the past few weeks and I can't believe I finished it. If you like anything fantasy, you should watch this. Featuring a few of the best-known Game of Thrones stars (before GoT) alongside the adorable Colin Morgan who plays the great sorcerer Merlin.
A combination of true friendship, love, the fight for what's right or wrong, a lot of magic and special effects (that might make you cringe a bit sometimes) all integrated into the famous legend of King Arthur of Camelot (played by Bradley James).
Just give it a watch if you like anything like The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, GoT or Harry Potter, I bet you'll become as addicted as me. Five stars on Netflix!

Thank you so much for reading,
Vivien xx

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