5 Things I want to do more often

Again, I haven't posted on here in a while, and I am annoyed at myself for not keeping up with it, sorry. I moved to London at the end of June and I actually can't believe that I've been here for a month now already. It scares me how quickly time goes by (I think I've said this before) and now it is only two months until I start my degree course at London College of Fashion. Until then, I have to manage to find a job (which is harder than I thought) and to do all the things that I won't be able to do anymore once I'll have started studying again.

The past few weeks in my new home have been exciting, but also more lonely than I thought, as I don't have friends in London yet and although I share a flat with others again, it is not the same as in Bournemouth. Obviously not, as my boyfriend doesn't live with me anymore. We see each other about once every two weeks and that is very hard after living together for nine months. And because I am not the person who just goes out on the streets and asks strangers to be my friends, I am on my own a lot and it is quite hard for me to not drown in negative thoughts about the future.

So, to get out of this phase, I have made a 'bucketlist' of things that I would like to do more often or regularly from now on to keep myself busy, to educate myself more and also: to post on here regularly now. So, here's my list of five things that I want to do more often now, hopefully it will help you to find more motivation or simply just entertain you. I just write it down for myself as a constant reminder. Because if I write it down on here, I make sure that I actually keep doing it, for god's sake.

1. Explore London

This seems extremly obvious, as living in one of the greatest cities in the world should be a motivation for everyone to just go outside and explore all day, every day. Before I came here, I was so motivated to explore every little corner and every single alley in the capital and to become a 'real' Londoner. But I haven't done half as much as I would've wanted to. Why? Because the problem at the moment is that doing this on my own can be quite depressing and also, I am not able to spend all my money on the Underground, which is still expensive although I have an Oyster card. So, I have spent more time in my new room than is healthy, and I feel the need to go outside, even if it is just for a walk, to get my mind off things and to not sit inside all day and become depressed over it. Seeing something new of this city every day, that's my new goal, and hopefully, I will then also get more inspiration for content on here, which leads to my next point...

2. Upload blog content frequently

What a surprise! I started this blog with the goal to upload at least twice a week, talking about fashion, beauty, art, life in general and anything else that is important to me. And I have failed miserably to be honest. This is due to the fact that I am probably the most inconsistent person on earth and I have so many things that I would like to do, that I can never keep up doing one thing and stay motivated to do it. (That's the main reason why I am making this list, to have a list of things that I really want to do regularly.) So, from now on, I have set myself the goal to upload a post every Sunday and Wednesday, which will basically force me to stay on track during the whole week and at least spend four days a week working for the blog (two days for one post- one for preparing, travelling, taking pictures etc, and one for writing, editing, uploading etc.). I can't wait to get started and hopefully write about stuff that interests a lot of different people! Please leave me any suggestions for posts that you may have!

3. Read

Sounds too simple but to be honest, I haven't been reading as much as I would've liked to over the past few years. I have been trying to start reading again since the beginning of 2016 but there are still so many books that I want to read on my list. The internet and my phone just make it so hard to actually sit down and relax to just read a book without being disracted constantly. I guess I am not the only one who has this problem, but it is actually easy to solve guys: Just turn off your phone and your laptop for a few hours a day and simply sit down in a quiet spot (maybe with a nice cup of tea) to read- it won't kill you, I promise! On nice days, I like to go to the park for that, somewhere with no wifi, because it makes it a lot easier to not be tempted to take out your laptop and watch the latest episode of your favourite series on netflix or to browse on ASOS for hours. (I also wanna read a lot more to get a better overview about literature, as that can be essential for my studies, too.)

4. Draw

Drawing is essential for me to become better at costume illustrations but in general, I just miss it a lot. As a kid, you would find me drawing all day every day but at some point I have just stopped doing that. I can't remember why but it makes me really sad. Obviously, I started again when I started studying last year, but I tend to only start drawing when I really have to, and not because for fun anymore. So, I have to start again! I want to make at least one drawing a day, no matter what it is, just to keep doing it. Life drawing classes are amazing but usually cost money, so I thought about just going to the V&A regularly and sit down like all the other people who you can spot daily in the sculpture sections of the museum. And because the entry is free, it doesn't cost you anything- just sit down and start drawing!

5. Work as a freelancer

Last but not least, probably the most difficult one of these five goals. I have worked as a 'freelance' makeup artist a few times now (but never really professionally) and collaborated on a few projects with other students but I really wanna start doing it regularly. Obviously, it is going to be easier once I've started studying, because collaborating on different projects with other students will be easier than to find actual paid freelance work through pages like TheFreelancerClub.co.uk when you don't have professional experience like me. I have only ever been paid twice for doing someone else's makeup and it was the best thing ever to get paid for something you simply love doing. But to be able to work as a professional freelancer, I have to extend my makeup kit and just become more professional in general, which is only possible through more experience. Hopefully, I will find someone who is still working on their portfolio as well and who will be able to photograph my work professionally, so I don't have to pay tons of money. If you are reading this and you are a photographer who is doing test shoots for your portfolio, or someone who would like to 'model' for me, and if you live in or near London, please feel free to contact me! I'd absolutely love to collaborate. I have also launched a website where you can view my portfolio: http://viviwilson6.wix.com/vivienwilsonstyling

So, this was my bucketlist of five things that I want to do more often. If you have read everything, thank you! But I wouldn't be surprised if this is the most boring post ever for anyone else but me. But maybe this has motivated you to do some things that are important to you more often, or it has helped you to get inspired to maybe try something new.

Thank you so much for reading,
Vivien xx

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