A Stroll around Clarendon Road

After my post last Wednesday, in which I said I wanted to explore London more, I made a list of all the places and areas that I would like to go to. Hidden alleys, mews, insider tips on food and drink, cute parks, and also, all the areas around the city that feel like villages.
Generally, London is nothing else but a huge amount of different little towns connected to each other. But some of them actually feel like you're not in one of the biggest cities in Europe, but in a cute small town anywhere in the countryside. It's quite surprising, actually.

One of these areas you can find around Clarendon Road in the South of Notting Hill between Holland Park and Portobello Road.
While strolling around these little streets, all the noise from the city suddenly disappears. You hear the birds singing and dogs barking, children playing and the only people on the streets seem to be elderly people washing their cars or walking their dogs.
As Notting Hill is one of the most expensive areas in London, you can imagine what the houses (or villas) must look like and what type of cars are parked infront of them. I couldn't help but be incrediblely jealous of those being lucky enough to own some of these incredible properties.

It was a lovely day and while wandering through this little world of its own, I was already seeing myself- married, with my children playing in the park next door, sitting in my own huge living room next to my love, reading a book with a cup of tea in his hand. A nice fantasy, almost too good to be true.
I am not planning to stay in London for too long after my studies, as the city is just too much noise and rush for my taste, but if I had to stay, I would choose this area to live in.

On this day, I probably walked around 10 miles in total and enjoyed feeling like I was away from the city for a few hours - even though I was almost right infront of my own doorstep.

Probably the most beautiful thing on these streets are all the flowers combined with the pastels of the houses that make you think you've landed in a children's book.

Thank you so much for reading!
Vivien xx

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