Two Winter Outfits

You may have seen some of these photos on my Instagram already but I thought I might upload the whole blogpost that I wanted to make of these.
Again, I haven't had the time to upload anything in weeks (or more the inspiration), but I really want to make 2017 all about my blog. I know that I don't have a big audience but I just absolutely love it, no matter how many people read it.
Also, I would love to get to know more people in the fashion and beauty industry here in London, and what better time to start doing that than now? So, if you are a photographer or anyone else who would be interested in collaborating with me, please get in contact!

To get right into the post though, these two outfits are some of my favourites for the cold season, as they are comfortable but warm at the same time. You might want to add more layers underneath or a scarf or hat, or whatever you like, but all in all, are these two a good representation of what my winter wardrobe has consisted of the past few months. Since the Christmas holidays, there are a few new additions but I still have to decide how I want to style them to shoot a blogpost for them. But keep your eyes open!

Outfit 1

As a full-time student at LCF, it is not always easy to have the time to go shopping (although the Zara next to out main campus on Oxford Street is always a big temptation) or to look perfectly put together. However, 90% of the LCF students ALWAYS look amazing, I don't know what it is, but you can always spot the fashion student. Being in that kind of environment inspires you to always look your best and to try out new things, it makes you go bold from time to time. Although 'going bold' for me means shoes with leopard print or a bright red jumper/lipstick/whatsoever, there are a few amazing people out there and I can never get enough of people-watching when I'm at uni.
In these photos, I went for a mixture of all of my favourite things, and I actually really liked the way they turned out together:

Jeans - Topshop Jamie
Shoes - New Look via ASOS
Coat - New Look
Shirt - H&M
Choker - SheInside
Bag - Zara

On my lips: MAC 'Russian Red'

Outfit 2

I know that this whole combination makes me drown a bit but with this outfit, it's all about the warmth and comfort to be honest.
I love styling Culottes in the winter, because even though they might be cut off above the ankle, they are very warm due to the layer of air that is being created inbetween the fabric and your leg. So basically, Culottes keep you a lot warmer than skinny Jeans!
My shoes are not everyone's cup of tea as they look like grandad's old Oxford's but I've been in love with them for over 3 years now.
My bag is my personal highlight of this outfit, as I finally found the cheap version of the Chloé 'Faye'. For 25 Pounds, I just had to get it and although I was scared that it would look very cheap, I am soo happy with it. I am not a person that would only buy something because of the brand name, and if I had the money to buy a real Chloé, I would do so. But if I can get the same style or even something that looks nearly the exact same, I don't necessarily see the point in buying the designer piece just because it has the brand name on it, there is so much more important stuff to spend your money on.

Shoes - Vagabond
Culottes - Zara
Jumper - H&M
Coat - H&M
Bag - SheInside

Thanks to Peggy Porschen Cakes for letting me change in their toilets, haha, they seriously have the cleanest toilets and the nicest staff!

Thank you for reading and a Happy late New Year to everyone! xx

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