Russian Red

This is one of the few outfit posts that we shot about 3 months ago (oops) but which I wanted to get up before I'll be catching up on...

This is one of the few outfit posts that we shot about 3 months ago (oops) but which I wanted to get up before I'll be catching up on actual life on here.

Up until recently, I've never really had the confidence to wear proper colours - the most 'out there' look I would go for would be a dark Burgundy in the Winter - but especially this Summer I really feel like adding some colours into my wardrobe. What I've found out is that especially cool toned Reds and Pinks match my hair, eyes and skin tone quite well. Being very fair skinned, a little pop of colour also gives me a bit of a healthier complexion and IF I finally manage to get a bit of a tan it would look even better.
This red jumper is not my favourite piece I've ever bought because the cut is not very flattering on me for some reason but it is the first ever true red piece I've bought, so I wanted to get it out there immediately. Also, as this was shot back in March, it wasn't quite warm enough yet to wear anything else than a jumper, so I tried to make it feel as Spring-like as possible pairing it with this pair of mom jeans from New Look, which I am in love with, and my embroidered loafers from River Island that kindddd of look like Gucci's... (totally not on purpose I promise).

What I like about this look the most though, is the red lipstick that I have obviously been in love with for the past months ever since I got it. MAC's 'Russian Red' to me is just the most iconic shade of Red I can imagine. As it's a bit more cool toned than 'Ruby Woo' it compliments my skin a lot better and it lets my thin lips look fuller than any other lipstick I have. I always wear it with the lipliner 'He said She said' underneath and they are just the perfect match together. The Matte formula doesn't smudge and doesn't wear off and with the right amount of lip balm (in my case: Vaseline) underneath it doesn't dry out my lips either. To be honest, I feel a bit like Snowhite wearing it!

This whole outfit was something new for me and it doesn't look as flattering on me as I imagined it but I still quite like these pictures and think that getting out of your comfort zone is the most important thing anyway to find out what works best for your body shape. Also, I am lucky to be a person who doesn't necessarily care about how flattering an outfit is for my figure because if I like it I will still wear it, no matter what other people tell me would suit me best.

These images are taken by the lovely Zoe Griffin again, whose work you can check out here .


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