The Leopard Coat

It has been my most worn item since I bought it a few weeks ago and it's probably the most wanted fashion item this season: The leopard coat.
Not one day passes by on that I don't see at least three other women on the street with a leopard print overthrow. And not just coats with this beautiful animal print are totally on trend now - basically everything is covered in it at the moment: Bags, shoes, scarves, hats, everything.

To be honest, I never really used to like leopard print until recently, as it always reminded me of cheap-looking, leggings-UGG-girls from my hometown (if you know what I'm talking about lol). But if it's the right leopard print, I absolutely love it. ( I am really fussy about what the right leopard print actually is though.)

For this look, I paired it with a selection of my favourite pieces at the moment: My black Zara culottes (shop here ), a basic white turtle neck jumper from H&M (shop here ), the best shoes ever because they have a rosegold heel from River Island (shop here ), and the newest piece in my (small) bag collection: this beauty from Zara! It was so hard for me to find this bag because weirdly, Zara don't sell it on their website and it is nowhere else to find on the internet, so I literally tried every Zara store but it seemed to be sold out everywhere. But then the Zara on Oxford Street next to London College of Fashion surprised me and I'm so sooooo happy that I finally got my hands on it! I have the feeling it is the IT bag of the season.

I hope you like this little selection of these photos, they are probably my favourite pictures of myself ever.


Vivien xx

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