I moved to England!

I moved to England! I'm really sorry it took me so long to write this post but the last two weeks have been full of packing, travel...

I moved to England!

I'm really sorry it took me so long to write this post but the last two weeks have been full of packing, travelling, organizing, rushing around and settling in. But today I finally have the time to sit down properly and write a blogpost about how I moved from Germany to the great city of Bournemouth, Dorset, England.

I moved on Wednesday, 2nd September, as my course started on Monday, 7th. Therefore, I basically emptied my room and packed all my stuff into my Dad's car because he wanted to help me moving. I wouldn't have been able to take everything with me on a plane or a train, as things as my new clothes rack, my bike and several big boxes and cases had to come with me for a year, so he drove me and stayed in my new flat with me until everything was sorted out. He's such a cutie seriously.

Leaving home was a big deal to be honest. We had a little garden party for all of my neighbours, family and my closest friends to say goodbye and wish me luck and it was probably one of the most emotional evenings of my life. It is not about leaving your room or your hometown, it's more about leaving the people you love and are used to seeing every day. Saying goodbye to my boyfriend the day before was probably the hardest thing to do. But England is not the other side of the world and it takes only a few hours by train or by car, so I'm not unreachable. Also, wherefore do we have phones, facetime, skype and other media to stay in contact with the people you care about? And I'll be home around Christmas, so we will all see each other in two months time already.

And it is all about the start of something new for me anyway! I'm really lucky to have moved to Bournemouth because this town is seriously one of the greatest places to be as a young, creative student and the possibilities here seem to be endless! Bournemouth is a coastal resort town in Southwest England in the county of Dorset directly to the east of the Jurassic Coast, a 96-mile World Heritage Site. Its centre welcomes you with a great variety of hotels and holiday apartments, some of the most beautiful beaches in England and lots of little shops and caf├Ęs. All in all, it is the big tourist attraction in the Southwest. Bournemouth Pier, after the one in Brighton, is the biggest in England and during the Summer, the beaches are full of surfers, volleyball players and families enjoyig the mild climate which is due to the Golf Stream that runs along the British southcoast. Dorset's landscape is purely amazing and everytime I send photos of the coast and beaches to my friends, they ask me if I'm lying to them to be in England, haha. There are palm trees and white sand as well as a typical English town centre.

I live in the area of Boscombe, which is unfortunately the farest away from my university but with a bus pass, that isn't a big deal. Boscombe is the place to come when you want to find a good Indian restaurant or some foreign food shops, small independent souvenir and art shops, shopping centres and a colourful mix of different cultures from all over the world.

I share my flat with two other students, who are very lovely and we all get along very well. Doing my laundry on my own and getting myself to cook every day (not order takeaways all the time lol) is something I have to get used to but also, I really enjoy being independent and living my life the way I want to. I'm really looking forward to organise myself and sort out how to use my time effectively and I want to give the very best I can at university. Getting to know new people is something I struggle with and finding new friends is hard but the first week has already been a good experience and the people in my course are all nice and friendly. Seeing the artwork of other students is fascinating an inspiring and leads you to new ideas, which is exactly the course shall help you with. Getting out o my comfort zone and trying out something new will be interesting! But I will write a separate post about university and all that stuff in a few weeks.

For now, this is the introduction into my new life, where you will hopefully join me! :)
Thank you for reading this post,

Vivi xx

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  1. Bournemouth is such a nice place to live and taste different dishes in different restaurants if you are a food-lover.
    Thank you.


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