September Favourites

As September was full of moving to England, settling in and starting with uni, I have plenty of really random favourites to share. There are...

As September was full of moving to England, settling in and starting with uni, I have plenty of really random favourites to share. There are unfortunately not many fashion favourites included, as I'm planning to do an Autumn lookbook anyway later this month.


Black All Star Converse - I've been wearing the sh** out of my white ones and decided to go black for the cold months

metallic rosegold rucksack, NEW LOOK - It's all about the rosegold at the moment


NARS Sheer Glow in the shade 'Mont Blanc' - there is actually no month of the year I coud not talk about this foundation in my favourites, but especially during September, I've fallen in love with it all over again. If you want to look good on your first few days of uni/school, you just don't wear a drugstore foundation!

Sally Hansen 'Airbrush Legs' in Medium Glow - I've heard Tanya Burr talking about this ages ago and been wanting to try it out since then but as I couldn't get it in Germany, I've run into Boots on my first day in England- and was amazed! Although you have to be careful of not to leave orange marks on white bed sheets, this works wonders on my chalk-white legs!

MAC lipliner in 'Burgundy' and lipstick in 'Hot Tahiti' - I bought this combination at the beginning of the year and loved it alreay, but you don't wear burgundy lips over the summer, so I fell in love with these all over again as the first leaves started to fall.

RITUALS 'Honey Touch' Body Butter - I've had this for ages and still can't believe how long this product lasts, how amazing good it smells and how long the smell lasts on your skin. Also, it's probably the best moistruizer I've ever used.


Burberry 'London' & NEXT 'Cashmere' - these scents are both really suttle an somehow soft and clean. While Burberry's is much more musky and deep, 'Cashmere' just does its name credit: It's pure and clean, fresh but also sweet and VERY feminine.


Warburtons Crumpets - very random but I just LOVE Crumpets sooooo much! Germans will probably not know them but as my mum used to always bring these from England, I've known them since I was a child. If you are (like me) a morning and breakfast person but don't have much time in the morning, you will definitely fall in love with these! Topped with some honey, jam or fruit, these are the BOMB.

asian design magazine 'Design Anthology' - I found this randomly at the train station before I left Germany and really enjoyed flicking through this. The minimalistic, clean design and photography in this magazine is amazing and they cover very interesting topics. Also, the qualitiy of ths is just stunning. If you're interested in interior design, landscape and architecture like me, get your hands on this! I really think about ordering this every month from now on.


Chris Brown (X) - Add Me In

Chris Brown (X) - Came To Do

Ed Sheeran & Yelawolf (London Bridge) - London Bridge

Thanks for reading this, although it is a bit random! I'll try and get my flatmate to shoot an autumn lookbook with me as soon as possible!


Vivi xx

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